About Artyarn

ArtYarn is a collaborative fibre arts project coordinated by visual artist Rachael Elwell. ArtYarn aim to use traditional knitting and crochet techniques in contemporary visual arts projects and aspire to promote the diversity and versatility of knitting and crochet as an artistic medium. 

Interested in the artistic, social and historical contexts of knitting and crochet, ArtYarn are focused on the tactility of hand processes. Enjoying the repetitive and often obsessive nature of this work, ArtYarn view knitting and crochet as an opportunity for individual creative expression and at the same time explore the medium as a way to make art accessible through participatory making and collaborative exchange.

Since 2008 Artyarn have produced many community and public arts projects locally, nationally and  internationally, sharing their artistic knowledge and creative skills in contemporary textiles. 
Artyarn have also extensively delivered a range of knitting and crochet skills workshops working with community groups of all ages and abilities, and are especially skilled in teaching absolute beginners knitting and crochet techniques.

Here are  few examples of our past projects:

Knitted Nature, Touchstones Rochdale Art Gallery, UK

UKDIY Exhibition, Turnpike Art Gallery, UK

Yarn Forward, Manchester Craft & Design Centre UK

GAIA Project, Liverpool Independents Biennial, UK

You can view all of our past projects on our website: www.artyarn.org

and you can also follow our blog: www.artyarn.blogspot.com

If you have any questions for us please e-mail us at : info@artyarn.org