Thursday, 3 June 2010

Crochet bits and bobs for Towneley..

As part of the project for Towneley Hall I am making a small outdoor installation using crocheted doilies and movites. I hope that this will cover one of the concrete spheres at the entrance to Towneley Hall and I'll be making a visit hopefully on Monday before i go to the shop to size things up.

Here are a selection of the crocheted bits and bobs I've been making - since I took this picture on Wednesday I've made tonnes more! I'm really into improvising on existing doily patterns at the moment - maybe this could be the foundations for project in the future - free formed doilies!

This weekend is the last weekend of scheduled workshops at the shop and I'm hoping that lots of tea cosies will come flooding in as many people who have popped into the hop have taken patterns away to work on at home.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day in the shop becuase some of the Towneley Tea set collection will arrive for visitros to look at. We have a display case ready and waiting to house them all.

Next weekend (12th & 13th June) will be the Tea Party event at Towneley Hall when all of the tea cosies will go on show for the public to admire .. more info on this event to some very soon.

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